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Public lectures as the fight against carb domination

Greek goes public

Recently, I have been giving public lectures on Keto, LCHF and generally low carb lifestyle. I believe that this is a brave approach to children and young athletes nutrition. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I have to point out that I am not promoting Keto diet to children! I am just educating the parents about good and bad sources of carbohydrates, alternatives to grains and importance of vegetable intake. I do promote healthy fats and good sources of protein, but always from foodstuff, never from supplements! Of course, I am trying to open the subject of sugar addiction, overuse of fruits and industrial products. My main goal is to promote home cooking, domestic produce, small farms and marketplace vs. large industrialised supermarkets and fast-foods. Generally, in my presentations, I usually end up with tones of questions which is more than great. It’s showing me that people care, they want to learn and change their lives. Especially, they want to change the future of their children.

Taekwondo children and youth

After one of my previous public lectures, I met an amazing person, Taekwondo trainer and professor Klaudia Marić. She showed that even in today’s predominantly industrial world, there are people who are willing to do everything in their power to change the perspective f nutrition for athletes. Especially for children athletes. Ms Marić approached me and asked if I would be interested in giving a public lecture to her Taekwondo students and especially to their parents. I was more than thrilled. We organised it quite quickly and the presentation was more than successful.

Herzegovina and healthy food

Greekgoesketo tells it all, I am born and raised in Greece! But at the moment I reside in Herzegovina. This is the homeland of my wife who is the main organiser and motivator of all my projects. When I came here I was amazed by the hight and strength of their people. One study shows that they are the tallest people on earth, on average. Obviously, it’s not only the genetics. Some healthy food sources and quality of air and water made it possible. From a basketball point of view, this was really interesting. Some 9 hours driving from the Greek border you have totally different height and body constitution statistics.

I must admit, the area is a bit undeveloped. As we know, the recent history of this area is quite difficult and painful to explain. Nevertheless, the land here is amazing! There are so many small farms, people are producing organic food and selling it extremely affordable. Bones in the butcher’s store are given for free! Imagine, health beneficial bone broth – totally free of charge! Free-ranged eggs and chicken are widely available, you can find domestic butter, milk, cheese of great quality – all grass fed and hormone free. The area is full of mountains, rivers and at the same time extremely close to the Croatian Adriatic coast. This makes it Mediterranean and Continental in less than 2 hours driving. As you might know, some of the greatest athletes are born and raised here. (Bojan Bogdanović and Mirza Teletović for example)

 The public event in Mostar

In the crowded amphitheatre of the Croatian Lodge “Herceg Stjepan Kosača“, on Friday, 2nd of February 2018, I had the opportunity to boldly go where no one has gone before – when it comes to preaching low carb nutrition in this country. Taekwondo Club trainer Klaudija Marić invited all the parents and children, as well as other trainers and competitors.  I think I  shook the foundation of everything that is currently considered as a healthy diet. Children and parents had the opportunity to see the main causes of energy instability in long martial arts competitions. I talked about general health problems caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates and, primarily, sugar.

Local media presented me as young Greek nutritionist with the Mostar address, who promotes the foundations of nutrition that excludes cereals, starch and sugar. At the same time, increases the intake of healthy fats. – I like it, that’s in essence what I do!

Modified LCHF for children athletes

Naturally, I modified the classic LCHF approach and adapted it to young athletes and children. With some allowed fruits and homemade pastry made from nuts, much can be changed.

– Increase the intake of healthy fats, eggs, butter, meat, fish and domestic whole foods! Completely remove starch, cereals and other fast industrial carbohydrates – This was my main message.

Along with the simultaneous translation by my wife, the lecture experienced a culmination with the many questions both from children and parents.

Questions always thrill me

How healthy is fruit yoghurt? Can I drink juices from a bottle? Can I drink carbonated tonic? … children asked. While parents were interested in preparing fast and healthy meals when they do not have enough time. The main interest was around how to make cereal-free bread. Teenage and adult Taekwondo competitors were interested in my position on carbohydrates before training. Here they are misled by the established theory in the fitness industry. I also spoke about industrial protein powders and I always strongly opposed them.

“Fitness Industry is selling you a powdered protein products full of additives, sweeteners and, worst of all, soy lecithin. While you think your protein powder helps increase your muscle mass, it actually plays with your hormones – because it is a phytoestrogen strain. Protein should come in its natural form, accompanied by beneficial fats, “

The lecture ended with informal socialising with homemade chocolates and gummy candies made by my wife and me. of course, these candies were without any added sugar and any artificial ingredients. The excitement of children and adults was difficult to hide, but some habits cannot be changed overnight. The great thing is that such lectures and practical workshops are organized by people who really care! Once again, big thanks to Ms Klaudia Marić and her Taekwondo club Cro Star!

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