Herzegovina on Keto

A small guide to Keto in Herzegovina

If you love to travel and if you are planning to visit Herzegovina, we have a great gift for you! It’s a unique brochure we assembled for all the Ketonians who plan to visit this little gem in the south-east of Europe.

This brochure was created in cooperation with Touristic board of Herzegovina-Neretva County

You can visit their website in this LINK

Herzegovina is the area where you can try best Keto and Low-Carb dishes with perfect macronutrient ratio and amazing flavours.

We are bringing you ideas and tips on how to safely eat your Keto meals while visiting the picturesque area of Herzegovina. From river fish, lamb, frog legs to unbelievable berries and dessert ideas.

Herzegovinian rivers and lakes offer various indigenous kinds of fish, crabs and other river food. Adriatic coast is also very near! Therefore, you can also try great seafood dishes. If you want to try something authentic, we recommend grilled frog legs, shrimp on skewers, baked Carp fish which is very Keto friendly. Grilled Eel is another great Keto choice you must try in Herzegovina.

Have a look at our beautiful gallery of Herzegovinian beauties. We hope these photos will inspire you to visit Herzegovina.This area is a perfect example of our Keto Mediterranean philosophy!

Welcome to the land of cleanest Keto lifestyle!

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