Carnivore pie

Carnivore pie – the queen of all Keto pizza inventions

Carnivore pie I made the other day was a star of our day. Not only that it was ready in 17 minutes, but it also seduced our Non-Ketonian friend who came by around the lunchtime. On Twitter, where you will find a lot of tweeting carnivores, it got a lot of attention!

Who doesn’t like meat pie or pizza? Well, the best part of any pie is the filling and nobody calls a pie by the crust. The crust is just there to hold the things together – says one a famous chef in my area. This is why my carnivore pie will simply be made of the filling ingredients!

Carnivore pie

So, how about if I use the main ingredient of meat pie, but the finest and most quality one, and make my pie crust with it? This is exactly what I did! And when it comes to the finest meat in Greek Goes Keto universe – we both are veal persons. Of course, lamb and goat meat would be “Greeker”, but ever since Apollonas came to live with me in Herzegovina, he fell in love with the softness of veal!

Advantages of choosing veal for gourmet carnivore dishes

Veal is not only softer, but it’s much easier to digest and packs great nutrients. To make a good carnivore pie, one must think about the softness, baking time and juiciness. This is where a fatty piece of veal wins all the time.

Both veal and beef have almost the equivalent quantity of protein. In 85g of veal (approximately 3 oz), you will get 30.7g of protein while beef has 30.3g

But we don’t care only about the macros! What’s always good to know is the micro-nutrient ratio. And when it comes to vitamins and minerals, veal surprised me! I always thought that beef should be far more nutritious. However, look at some of the vitamin ratios. Beef seems to be richer mainly in Vitamin B12 and Thiamin! On the other side, veal is much richer in Vitamin B, Niacin and even packs some higher value of vitamin K.

Veal vs. Beef on the vitamin filed per 3 oz

Vitamin B12 Veal – 0,99mcg Beef 2,28mcg

Thiamin Veal – 0.051mg Beef – 0.06 mg

Riboflavin Veal – 0.298 mg Beef – 0.213 mg

Niacin Veal – 8.976 mg Beef – 3.196 mg

Vitamin B Veal – 0.867 mg Beef – 0.315 mg

Vitamin B6 Veal – 0,306 mg Beef – 0.238 mg

Vitamin K Veal – 6 mcg Beef – traces

How about the minerals per 3 oz?

Sodium Veal – 57mg Beef 38mg

Iron Veal – 1,12 mg Beef – 2,78 mg

Zinc Veal – 3.37 mg Beef – 3.83 mg

Do carnivores dream of carnivore pie?

Yes, they do! 😉 Not only that they miss all the gourmet meat dishes they used to eat before they went strictly “carni” – but they also dream of coffee 😉 as you can see below:

Regardless of your KMD preferences, you might be eating some of the Keto-friendly flours or fruits, but making a carnivore pie can be tricky. In the first recipe for Carnivore pizza, I used a lot of spices to emulate the tomato sauce. Well, mixing egg yolks with some paprika powder did the tricks. However, the challenge was to use 100% carnivore ingredients without actually adding any spices! Not even Carnivore moussaka had that!

If the spices are absent, the basic ingredients have to play the role of spices. This is why I used the finest fatty double-ground veal, organic eggs, Greek feta and two of the magic topping ingredients you can see in the recipe.

No nutrition label needed for the carnivore pie!

As many carnivores don’t even care about the macros, because they are sure their ingredients can’t ever add carbs, I will not even post the nutrition label here. If you are a Ketonian, you also don’t have to worry. The aged goat cheese and feta cheese will give you less than 1g carbs. So why worry? Let’s just see how to prepare the tastiest carnivore pie you’ll ever try!

Carnivore pie / pizza pie

Carnivore pie / pizza pie

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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Course: Main courseCuisine: CarnivoreDifficulty: Easy


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  • 1/2 kilo (1 pounds) double-ground veal

  • 3 large eggs (organic)

  • 100g (3,5 oz) crumbled Greek Feta

  • 50g (1,8 oz) grated aged goat or sheep’s cheese

  • 10 thin slices smoked beef prosciutto

  • 1/2 tsp tallow or butter for the pan


  • Mix the minced veal with eggs and crumbled feta ceese using your hands.
  • Grease the ceramic or clay pie pan with some tallow or butter
  • Place the meat mixture and tap it with your fingers to cover the pan and create a pizza-alike crust
  • Place thin slices of smoked beef on top and sprinkle with grated goat cheese.
  • Bake in the oven at 200ºC (400ºF) for 15 minutes. If your oven has a upper roasting function, roast the pie with the upper heater at maximum for 1 minute to get the golden crispy effect on top.


  • This pie can be made with groung lamb or goat. I wouldn’t recommend using beef because beef needs longer baking time and might not be as soft once it cools down.

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