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Keto Mediterranean lifestyle and how the sea affects us positively

Keto Mediterranean Lifestyle is so much more than just eating fish and olives. You most probably already have read tour Golden Ω of Nutrition or the Keto Mediterranean diet articles. If not, these nice blue bold parts of the text are the direct links 😉

After a wonderful week in Ancient Marathon, I got inspired to write more about Keto Mediterranean lifestyle

There’s a reason I coloured the links in blue! Nothing relaxes us, humans, like the spectra of colours ranging from green to violet. There’s a survey which showed that the majority of people on our planet have blue as their favourite colour! This is not surprising at all!

The ancient enlightenment of being near the seaside as a mean of regaining your health is even scientifically supported. In fact, this scientific research confirmed that spending time by the sea has numerous positive effects on health and well-being.

Ancient wisdom and connection with the sea

The knowledge that being near a seaside makes a human feel healthier is as old as our civilisations. Doctors were prescribing trips to the shore or visits to “therme” — special clinics that included thalassotherapy (seawater bath treatments) from ancient Greek and Roman times.

Contemporary research and great results

The researchers are now performing further lab experiments to study the physiological benefits of spending time next to the body of water. In the experiments, individuals in stressful situations, such as those facing dental surgery, look at either a virtual beach on a screen or the dental surgery room. Early results suggest people report feeling less pain when immersed in a beach setting.

Keto Mediterranean

These studies suggest that spending time near the sea could be a useful form of therapy. It also has potential powers in helping autism and other children’s conditions. There’s so much more to explore and study. However, if you live or travel somewhere where you are surrounded by the deep blue, you will totally understand the point of this study!

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle, and how Ketonians can benefit from it

As we are a Keto website, naturally we will first start from nutrition. If you are one of us, Ketonian who0 decided to follow Greek Goes Keto postulates of healing and getting in perfect shape, then you already know the secret.

We do not consume pork and chicken anymore. Simply, we want only the cleanest anti-inflammatory sources of protein, fat and those microgrammes of carbs. Furthermore, we are excluding cow’s dairy and switching to goat, sheep and buffalo milk products. But above all, we are consuming seafood as often as 4 times per week.

keto mediterranean

But isn’t seafood expensive?

You would be surprised how affordable seafood can be if you just perform small research. Of course, not everybody lives in Greece or any other Mediterranean country. But in today’s world, fish and seafood are sold both frozen and fresh in many markets and specialised stores. Go for sardines, shrimp, shellfish and squids. They are usually not that pricey. Furthermore, there are kinds of fish that cost far less than inflammatory chicken breast! In your area, there could be a fishermen’s market that you did not even hear about! Explore your town, city or the area you live in!

Never buy canned fish or seafood

Canned fish or seafood is as bad for you as any other industrially over-processed food. It has undergone severe thermal and chemical process so that it can actually last in the shelves of supermarkets and warehouses for over a year. You will be much safer with frozen products. Furthermore, if they have fresh fish on sale, you will be doing yourself and your family numerous favours!

How to prepare fish and seafood so that you grow to love it?

The Keto Mediterranean answer here is – Make it Ketonised! Use beneficial butter, preferably goat and sheep, use garlic, all the herbs, add some olive oil at the end. Learn to marinate, learn to cook oldfashioned way. For example, our Sea bream in the ancient clay pot is an ideal recipe for all of those who never actually liked fish.

Why is it important to travel at least once to the Mediterranean zone?

We are aware that not everybody can make overseas trips. But that could be your current situations. You never know what the future brings, and have it as a wish. Visiting one of the Mediterranean countries gives you the best of both worlds. You get to have a personalised touch with the ancient worlds and civilisations that flourished here, then you get to eat the healthiest food on Earth. Lamb, mutton, goat cheese and olives… And many more interesting twists to the standard diet. Of course, as a Ketonian, you will already know what is KMD and what’s not!

Keto Mediterranean

Keto Mediterranean person in spirit

If you are following Greek Goes Keto on our social media, then you must know that we love to visit Socrates cave and the beautiful Phillopappou hill next to Acropolis. Did you also know that Socrates said:

Anybody can be a Hellene, by their heart, their mind, their spirit.


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