Age is just a number

Age is just a number – a small guide to happy Ketonian life

Age is just a number if you escape the chains of prejudice and social dogma. When they tell you something is not appropriate for your age, think about it, why is it not? Why would something be appropriate only for a certain age? I will try to write my thoughts on this day when I am turning 45 which could be considered as old in some cultures. I want to share with the land of Ketonia what I’ve learned about happiness and wellbeing throughout my life. My goal here is to motivate you to accept all three postulates of KMD and benefit from the necessary lifestyle changes. It helped me and many other Ketonians on so many levels!

A country where birthdays don’t exist and age is just a number

Age is just a number

Here at Greek Goes Keto, we love exploring different cultures and heritages. Bhutan is one of the most interesting countries on this planet when it comes to age and happiness. This country genuinely considers that living a happy life is more valuable than how many years you’ve been on the planet. People from there all have January 1st as their birthday in official documents. They couldn’t care less when they have been born and how old are they!

Bhutan is also different from the rest of the world in measuring the economic accomplishment by how happy the people are. Not how wealthy, but how happy!!! They are measuring Gross Domestic Happiness! Other than this, I am impressed by the fact that Bhutan is the only country on our planet that has officially banned all sorts of smoking. Also, it’s one of the rare places on our planet with negative carbon print!

Age is just a number is a saying that originates in modern literature, but the thought of age has been a matter of phylosophical thinking since the dawn of civilisation. Aristotle is the first philosopher who did a serious theoretical writing on ageing. He consided iageing a natural process that has its advantages in gaining wisdom!

Why is it all about money?

Can money ever make us truly and endlessly happy? Most Ketonians will say no, but it can help us get there. Can it? Obsessing about it, working day and night just to get more of it has never brought happiness to anyone. Yes, we do live in a world where things are simply not that easy if you don’t make enough of it. However, finding that right ratio of work and fun shouldn’t be that difficult. The best thing I can give you as advice is to make your job – your passion. If you are not passionate about the thing you are doing for a living – it’s NEVER too late to change it! Just a grain of braveness and explorer’s spirit will move the mountains.

What is happy nutrition?

Happiness is sometimes closely related to gut microflora and brain chemistry. We have an ideal article that talks about this. The activation of adenosine receptors involved in the release of dopamine and glutamate is regulating our motivation in life. Since you are already a Ketonian, and most probably you do prefer the Keto Mediterranean version, then you know that chasing macros and calories is a wrong approach to Keto.

If you choose the right foods, you’ll not have to worry about the carbs, they’ll be naturally low. What’s more important is the nutrition density and micronutrients. You will be basing your nutrition on 2 meals a day, with ruminant meat or seafood as the main course. Everything else is just playing around your gourmet preferences. Will you include quail eggs, Sea buckthorn or some other things that we keep recommending, that’s totally up to you. Just always prepare the meals at home and use natural, whole foods to start! The less processed, the happier you are!

Toxic personalities and how to recognise them?

Nothing influences us more than our relationships. It starts with childhood, parents, siblings, friends and ends up with coworkers, partners and those awful bosses. 😉 The list goes on and on as one incredibly circular story. We all have them in our life, but we all need to recognise and exclude them. Maybe you can’t exclude them from your life in sense of seeing them occasionally because they are family members. But most certainly, you can stop caring about their opinion about your decision and your actions.

Age is just a number

Staying Ketonised and positive

There are people who are totally dependent on social status, the illusion of happiness based on other people’s opinions. Such people most often end up with multiple psychological problems and traumas. The Ketonian need not be one of them. In this article, we have given you five tips on how to behave and how to respond to those who do not support you. Furthermore, in our live videos on Facebook and our YouTube channel, we constantly talk about this subject. The sooner you remove the toxic people, everything will fall into the right place.

Staying Ketonised to the full potential is a simple way to do this!

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