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Keto during summer? Best ideas for refreshing cold meals

Keto during summer could be difficult if you think about meat or seafood preparation. Grilling, broiling, roasting and frying… All include heat and could be tricky to consume when the days get too hot! But it doesn’t have to be that way! Naturally, during the summer months, we require more hydration. As you know, Keto during summer, especially when it comes to hydration often leads to errors. But worry not, we’ll give you some of the best ideas from the Keto Mediterranean world that will make you fall in love with summer all over again.

Making your meals a day before

This sounds like a difficult task, but it will save you precious time and energy. During the summer, we love cold foods, salads, jellos and, of course, ice creams. Well, let’s not stay on the topic of the main course and your real fuel, but if you would like to get some ideas about Keto ice cream, we have some of the best recipes.

However, your main course should be equally nutritious as it needs to be delicious. Some people face reduced appetite during hot days and this can lead to weight gaining. How? Simply, if you don’t give your body enough of fuel, it’s gonna start retaining water and even fat, to prevent starvation. So, if you eat small, nutrient-deprived meals, you will get the contra effect and muscle mass loss.

Keeping the micro and macro nutrients in mind

Eating enough of protein is crucial and important. This is why we want to encourage you to always take good sources of easy-to-digest protein such as lamb, seafood, rabbit or veal. Furthermore, your Omega fatty acids should be balanced, therefore always choose your fat sources rich in omaga-3.

When it comes to carbs, if you want to keep them as low as possible, (we should all do that) use only those veggies that are naturally poor in sugar and starch but pack a lot of water. Refreshing summer salads with cucumber, rocket, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, green bell peppers should be your choice. Pickled vegetables will also bring the carbs low due to fermentation process.

To help you with this, we will show you 4 ideas for Keto Mediterranean meals that are appetizing and refreshing. They are all served cold and they are extremely delicious. All you need to do is prepare your protein source (fish, meat or eggs) a day before and keep them in the refrigerator.

Keto during summer idea #1 (Eggs)

Eggs are extremely nutritious and they should be on our plate daily! If you ask us, the best way to consume them during the summer is to prepare our Pickled eggs recipe. But if you want to get more creative, you will prepare our Keto sushi and stay amazed with the texture, flavour and nourishment it provides. Furthermore, for extra creative Ketonians, you will cut your omelette in stripes and make the best Keto Tagliatelle. Then you can cover them with a nice dressing and place in the refrigerator. They are even tastier if eaten cold!

Keto during summer idea #2 (Meat)

Eating cold cuts if they are clean and prepared in old-fashioned way is more than welcome in the summer. However, we fell in love with our own Keto meat pate and this is saving us on so many occasions. Let’s not forget our Keto Liver paté which will make anyone more comfortable with eating liver, while providing top nutrients and energy. You can also boil your favourite type of meat at night, cut it into small cubes, and cover with a salad dressing of your choice. Hollandaise for example is excellent!

Keto during summer idea #3 (Seafood)

There’s so much you can do with seafood. In fact, the flavour of seafood is always enhanced if it’s marinated and well chilled before serving. We have so many seafood recipes and you can come up with your own. The thing about fish and seafood is that it’s ready in 5 minutes if you decide to boil or steam it. After that, it’s up to your creativity! Check out some of our ideas for tasty, nutritious and attractive salads featuring boiled and then chilled fish or seafood.

Keto during summer idea #4 (fruit)

We all miss fruit on Keto, let’s be honest. But eating too much fructose is never a good idea! Even if you are not on strict Keto, but follow a low-carb approach, you should always have in mind not to overload your liver and pancreas with fructose! We have already covered the subject of missing fruits on Keto and I would like to invite you to read this article.

On this occasion, I wanted to share with you an amazing experiment that changed the way I think about summer refreshment. I literally thought I am eating a bowl of melon or mango! I had a nice fish for lunch without any salad. And finished it with a bowl of cucumber covered with sea buckthorn concentrated juice and a dash of stevia. With a little bit of cinnamon and an hour in the refrigerator, this became a fantasy-level treat. I don’t have to tell you how low in sugar it actually was! I used just 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn juice and a small cucumber! Give it a try, it will become your favourite summer treat!

Cucumber covered with 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn juice and a dash of cinnamon. A few drops of liquid stevia or monk fruit sweetener will bring it to another level!

Keto Mediterranean retreat in Greece will feature these ideas

It’s just around the clock and we are so excited. Many of the meals that will be served at the retreat will look like this. We will also have cooking classes for the participants where we’ll show all our secrets, tips and tricks. If you would like to participate, there are still 2 spots available. Check out all about it in the article bellow:

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  1. Hello Apollonas,

    Thank you for some brilliant ideas to feed my Italian and Greek families. Bit of advice regarding Sea buckthorn concentrated juice, I can only get oil or powder in Australia. How much of oil or powder would I substitute for the 2 tablespoons in your cucumber fruit dessert? Can’t wait to try this dessert as really kidding fruit as Spring arrives here.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Deanna,

      Thank you for your comment. Concentrated sea buckthorn juice can be replaced with powder and this will give even better flavour and equal coverage. I would sprinkle the powder over the portion of cucumber with 1 tablespoon of powder and let it chill in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. You can add a splash of lemon juice and monk fruit or stevia sweetener to taste.

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