Keto Mediterranean diet and how to do it properly? 1

Keto Mediterranean diet and how to do it properly?

Keto Mediterranean Diet, as you could read in this article, is the healthiest and cleanest Keto you can follow. It’s not for a month or two, it’s the kind of Keto you can choose for life. The reason Mediterranean diet has been proclaimed as the healthiest is not in the ratio of macronutrients. It’s in the freshness, lack of food pre-processing and the philosophical point of food preparation and eating with family and friends. There’s also a great connection with the tradition, old-fashioned ways of thinking about food as medicine and nourishment, as well as great resourcefulness of nutrient-rich food in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean sea.

Western civilisation started here

It’s not like we think of ourselves as some higher beings, it’s just that we’ve been blessed with this enormous resource of healthy climate, sea, islands, flora and fauna that created the influence on human development throughout the millennia. The Greek philosopher Plato states in – his writings:

“People established themselves around the seashores of the Mediterranean Sea, like the frogs which do the same around the water”

There’s always a comparison to nature, animals, plants! Even our myths always talk about food from a mysterious point of view. The myth about the olive tree, or about Zeus and good goat Amalthea are just two small examples… How about basing the whole idea that the food should be thy medicine? Where did this come from? I’ll tell you where – the island of Kos where Hippocrates was born and lived most of his life. Check its position, it’s in the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin. Imagine all the herbs, plants, fish, animals that could provide good and healthy nutrition there.

Do you have to eat predominantly fish?

This is one of biggest misconceptions about the Mediterranean diet. Of course, if you are able to source fresh sea fish, you should consume it whenever it’s possible. But for the optimal nutrient ratio, you should give the advantage to lamb, rabbit, veal, pork and some wild game whenever you can! Beef is not so popular in this area, but it can be prepared on so many different ways that fit into Mediterranean food philosophy!

Furthermore, there’s no reason to avoid mixing meat and seafood. For example, a perfect Mediterranean carnivore dish would contain lamb and some shrimps or seashells. You would be surprised how great they go together. Also, on Keto Mediterranean diet, you should not be afraid of eggs! You can have more eggs than its considered normal and live perfectly and healthy life! Of course, if you want the anti-inflammatory advantages, you will try sourcing quail eggs!

So, how to do Keto – the Mediterranean style?

Let’s not forget the three postulates of Keto Mediterranean lifestyle:

  1. Natural, healthy, fresh ingredient…
  2. Homemade, slow cooking, patience…
  3. Fun, laughter, comedy and enjoyment of sunshine and life…

Basically, it’s crucial to use fresh, organic and unprocessed ingredients as often as possible. Sourcing such ingredients can be expensive in the modern world, but it should not be! If you source some farms, farmer’s markets or places where you can fish or even hunt where’s allowed, (why not, it’s our primal heritage) your body will show the best results. Furthermore, if you do some research, you will be able to find places with discounts and bulk-sales that will make your life much easier. You can read more about Keto on a budget in this article.

Return to the kitchen

One of the most important postulates says that you have to prepare everything at home! I know it could be difficult in some situations, but this is the only way you can be 100% sure your cleanest Keto Mediterranean diet is done properly! Learning to prepare all sorts of delicacies is the main thing we are trying to promote here at Greek Goes Keto. It’s possible, it’s doable and even total beginners can learn how to do it. We even assembled a guide with tricks and tips for perfect Keto baking. You can occasionally eat out, but don’t cheat! Order grilled or roasted meat, salad and some olive oil! Of course, avoid vegetable oils at all costs!

How would a typical Keto Mediterranean daily meal plan look like?

You can choose from a variety of recipes we have here. Let’s start the day with a good KMD omelette, muffins or even a bowl of Keto Rizogalo. You can also prepare Keto waffles or pancakes. Furthermore, Keto bread with butter, goat cheese and some uncured meat would make a perfect sandwich. There are many options, it’s all up to your creativity!

For lunch, you can prepare our amazing Keto Giuverlakia Avgolemono soup, oldfashioned grandma’s Keto soup with dumplings or even our Psarosupa. Especially during the winter, your lunch should always start with a good soup! Whether you’ll choose fish or meat for the main course, don’t forget to use only the best fat sources, such as goat butter, olive oil and lard.

What about dessert on Keto Mediterranean diet?

Oh yes, you can finish your lunch or dinner with a Keto dessert! but never eat it in between the meals! There’s no snacking, and that’s really important. If you want to go all the way the Mediterranean style, prepare our Keto Lemon bread or be brave and try our Keto baklava.

Maybe you’ll have a large lunch and you will not even need the dinner. In most cases, I would recommend 2 meals a day. Not only for weight loss but for optimal hormonal balance and better energy utilisation. If you can, try two meals a day and don’t eat once the sun goes down. This is something ancient Greeks were doing! If for any reason, you cannot do this, then a light Keto dinner could be introduced. Search our articles and recipes, there are many recipes that fall into this category!


Don’t hesitate to contact me for a specific Keto Mediterranean meal plan that can work as therapeutic plan for various conditions including those related to inflammation and infection.