Are you on Keto

Are you on Keto, but still don’t look fit? Here are 4 solutions

Are you on Keto, or even better, have you decided to switch to KMD and somehow you still feel heavy, bloated and overweight? If the centimetres around your waistline, arms and legs are not dropping, you could be overeating and not paying attention to micronutrients.

Don’t worry, It happens to many Ketonians, especially if they are coming from the foodie division. In the beginning, we accept it as normal, because we keep thinking we are hungry. But are we actually fixing that hunger?

I decided to speak openly about this problem because even the healthiest Keto approach with fresh Mediterranean ingredients can cause weight loss plateau. Furthermore, you can still face stubborn body fat and fluid retention.

Now, are you doing Keto only for the weight loss?

I hope not! Because if you are, chances are you’ll not achieve it easily. But if you are gradually building your healthy habits, changing your lifestyle and taking your addictions under control, you will look and feel so much better!

These 4 mistakes are most common among my clients and people who contact me for consultation. So, are you on Keto but it’s not working? Here are my 4 ideas on how to control your cravings, intake health-boosting micronutrients and adjust the macros. Also, here are the tips to boost fat burning, slim down in the abdominal area and generally feel healthier.

Are you on Keto but your midsection is still muffin-alike?

Even if you lose weight everywhere else, do you still notice a muffin top over your jeans or leggings? Yes, the infamous abdominal area fat that is so stubborn. We have to understand, in this area blood flow is lower than in other parts of our body. Fat burning is slowed down. Your meals need to be adjusted in favour of protein and with slightly reduced fat while excluding carbs totally (if possible).

Eating larger portions of meat or seafood will provide satiety! Maybe skip a yolk or two in your first meal and eat them for dinner. Furthermore, your morning fasting routine has to include any sort of training. Fasted training is the worst enemy of belly fat.

You still eat enormous portions and can’t feel satiety?


This is a mental and hormonal issue. First, if you have any sort of food addiction you will have to find a way to control it. A good hobby, focusing on life priorities, organising your day productively so that you don’t only think about food. Even meal planning is a good activity, so try to stick to it.

By eating more good sources of protein, you will start feeling satiety sooner. Especially if this protein comes with its natural fat, such as meat or fish. Fasting will also help with the control of your insulin secretion. If you are concerned about your mineral and vitamin intake, make a blood exam and see what are your deficiencies. Then you can organise your meals around foods that are rich in those micro-nutrients.

We have a great poster that can help you with vitamins in real food

Do you constantly crave dessert?

Eating treats each day will hit you like a hammer. Personally, I know some Ketonians who don’t even look like they are on Keto and they are doing it for years. Yes, you can be overweight while still eating Keto meals. You can even do fasting but look and feel no different than a standard carb-obsessed person! In this case, I always suspect the nuts, berries and Keto-friendly flours are present. Yes, it’s always a Keto treat or Keto bread on their mind. If you want to exit this cycle of bad habits and addictions, just switch to Carnivore for a couple of months. Nothing will cure your sugar cravings like a strict zero-carb approach!

Are you on Keto but still not moving your body?

Our bodies have not been designed for passive living. If you don’t include more physical activity you will not see the best of your mind, spirit and body. This is the ultimate secret to perfect health. We know that depression and anxiety can cause other physical illnesses. To sum it up, I will quote Socrates here:

Because the body is in a bad condition, loss of memory, depression, discontent, insanity often assail the mind so violently as to drive whatever knowledge it contains clean out of it. But a sound and healthy body is strong protection!

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