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Instant coffee gives instant pleasure, but how healthy is it?

Instant coffee is one of the most controversial subjects in the Keto universe. We live in an era of obsession with time. Everything is measured by how much time it takes to prepare! How much time do we need to complete the task, get the result or achieve the goal? This way of life is mirrored in our eating habits more than anything else.

When we open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we have in mind is the hot and aromatic instant coffee cup. For most people, it’s the only choice. This custom is not new but it’s as unhealthy as many other contemporary obsessions!

The earliest documented attempt to make instant coffee dates from 1771. On the other hand, the first appearance of instant coffee on the market occurred in 1881. It became the ultimate choice for many people around the world. But, like all other, instant products tend to be unhealthy versions. Everyday use of such products often leads to bad habits and deteriorates health

Process of producing

Instant coffee production starts the same as the production of roasted coffee. The difference is in the following drying methods. Manufacturers use two different methods for drying coffee.

Drying by spraying the coffee

Concentrated coffee is dried with a spray device that transfers warm air to the container. Thanks to the warm and dry air, strong coffee turns into fine powder very quickly.

Drying by freezing

The coffee extract is freezing at about -40┬░C. Ice particles are then sent to separate evaporation and drying chambers. The product obtained comes in the form of granules or instant coffee flakes.

Although this form of coffee is commonly used in homes around the world, instant coffee cannot be the healthiest choice. Perhaps the time has come for us to answer science and discover the truth about instant coffee.

Instant coffee and iron absorption

Low blood iron levels are the problem of millions of people around the world. Some of the symptoms include dizziness, lack of breath, headaches and fatigue. Furthermore, some serious conditions may be related to the lack of iron. Coffee, in general, contains tannins that prevent proper iron absorption. This problem is present in vegetarians and vegans.

Instant coffee prevents our intestines from absorbing iron from food, even more than classic coffee. The natural absorption mechanism of iron is greatly weakened when you decide to prepare a stronger instant coffee cup. However, our iron absorption returns to normal if we drink coffee an hour before meals. The best option is to not drink coffee before, or just after, the meal.

Dangerous acrylamide

A coffee product called acrylamide causes health problems. Especially when we consume it in large quantities. Acrylamide occurs during the coffee roasting process. Instant coffee contains twice as much plain acrylamide. Several studies and experiments have shown that acrylamide can cause death in mice. However, this amount was 1,000 times the amount of this substance in everyday human nutrition.

Fifteen different studies show that there is no correlation and that there are no real reasons for concern. Dr Raquel Thompson, head of the Cancer Research Fund World (WCRF), says we do not know enough about the relationship between coffee and cancer.

In 2007, the WCRF did not find the association between coffee and cancer. Does this justify concerns about taking acrylamide with coffee? Although instant coffee contains more acrylamides, at the same time it contains the same amount of antioxidants as ordinary coffee.


All modern nutritional recommendations suggest that non-alcoholic beverages contribute to our daily hydration. However, instant coffee does not help us stay hydrated. The reason for this is dehydration due to the diuretic action of caffeine.

Instant coffee is consumed in larger quantities, and therefore we are adding more caffeine. Although one cup of instant coffee has less caffeine than ordinary coffee, the chances of taking more than three cups a day are higher. That is if you prefer instant coffee.

Coffee with flavour

Instant coffees without caffeine, as well as varieties with different flavours, are considerably different. from classic coffee. With these products, you will have a significant amount of sugar, additives and hydrogenated fat. These products cannot be the healthiest choice available today.

Which is the Healthiest Way to Prepare Coffee?

There are several ways to prepare healthy coffee. Recent research shows that the way people of the Mediterranean area make it is the healthiest. For example, a cup of Greek coffee in the morning can improve heart health and reduce coffee preferences throughout the day. A method that involves placing the coffee in cold water and then heating it sets out more valuable nutrients from coffee beans than the filtering process.

At the same time, the rich aroma of coffee will help you wake up. You will successfully continue with your daily activities. On average, the preparation of typical Mediterranean (Greek, Turkish, etc.) coffee takes about 10 minutes. Everyone could afford an additional 10 minutes of morning routines. Enjoy the healthiest wake-up potions.

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