Ketonian tricks to enjoy coffee without any sweetener

A trick to make everything healthier while tasting equally good is quite easy to learn. In fact, Ketonian tricks could be a whole new category here at 😉 After years of fixing, trying out, experimenting and ketonising, I believe we have a lot to share.

Sharing information could be the most positive thing any Ketonian can give to those who are just switching. I remember when we were just starting, I was the problematic one. Apollonas never had problems with sugar, while I was a huge addict. Just before we decided to go, Keto, I was on paleo diet eating lots of fruits, regardless of their fructose content. Then we learned a thing which should be printed on a poster and hanged in every Keto kitchen around the globe:

Sugar is sugar is sugar!!!

Keto friendly sweeteners

Naturally, many people feel relieved when they learn they can still use other sweeteners to substitute sugar. Especially in the beginning, this can be the push in the right direction. However, you can’t stuck on that level and must work to achieve total freedom of sugar addiction.. We have to understand that sugar addiction is no different from any other addiction and just cutting it is far from easy. It actually has nothing to do with the power of will. As with any addiction, it’s a process and it should be treated and practised. If you see that you cannot live without the taste of sweetness, it’s time to contact a professional. From the bottom of my heart I recommend the only expert on this subject Bitten Jonsson!

If you are not a real addict but still ocassionaly want to have a dash of weeteness in your coffee, you can read Apollonas’ article  where he explained everything you need to know about sweetener on Keto.

Trick 1. – Using less and less of sweetener

If you are following and making Keto dessert by following our recipes, then you might already know that we prefer Stevia and Monk fruit. Now, if it’s possible to use a microscope or two of 100% extract, you are holding a great powerful tool in your hands. If not, then go for blend sweetener that is usually mixed with erythritol. But, even in this case, we strongly recommend to try training your taste buds and use less and less sweetener as time passes. For this reason, we even created a recipe for sweetener free Keto pudding and I must say, it tastes amazing!

We don’t have to quit coffee, unless it’s addiction

Coffee became an urban legend! People who dislike coffee are so rare that it’s always interesting to meet them. I always ask those rare individuals, did they try all varieties and all the preparation methods? If not, I love to talk about the wonderful Arabica and those methods that involve almost no thermal procession. On the other side, the vast majority of Ketonians still want and continue to enjoy coffee on a daily basis. Some of us even have it during fasting hours. Naturally, it has to be black and sweetener free. This is the only way coffee can be consumed during the fasting hours.

But can coffee taste sweet without any sweetener?

Believe it or not, coffee can taste awesome without any sweetener. There are those tips and tricks to make this beloved beverage taste better than you ever thought it could be. Now, many Ketonians mask the flavour of coffee with heavy cream, butter, coconut oil and sweetener. We even call it bullet-proof coffee and Keto coffee. Well, it can taste great this way, but let’s face one thing – that’s not coffee! In order to reprogramme our taste buds, we need to give a chance to a wonderful flavour of pure black coffee.

The one that doesn’t break the fast and also gives some antioxidants. Reprogramming the taste buds is a process that can be difficult or easy, depending on your motivation. But if you really want to control the insulin secretion, then you will want all the sweetener out of your diet during the process of weight loss, or health regaining.

Why do we need to sweeten our coffee?

If you feel the need to add sweetener to your coffee, it could simply mean that the coffee that you are drinking is not quite good. The infamous sugar makes a lot of things taste better in addition to the sweetness that it adds. The food industry knows this very well, this is why they add it in savoury snacks as well. But as a Ketonian, you know better! There are many ways to improve the quality of your coffee!

The trick of purchasing better coffee

There are several coffee bean varieties that have a lightly sweet flavour. Coffee is naturally sweet only if it wasn’t roasted way too much, and if it’s not a blend. You want 100% lightly to medium roasted arabica and there’s no compromise here if you want it naturally sweet. There are some coffee types that are naturally sweeter than others. Panama Volcan Baru Coffee is also listed as especially sweet but I haven’t tried it yet. However, don’t expect too much of the sweetness if you did not train your taste buds. Naturally sweet coffee means that in comparison to other beans, it just doesn’t need sweetener!

How expensive is it?

Now, I know that quality coffee costs much more than regular supermarket coffee, but once you start drinking the top variety, you will notice that you don’t need 7 cups a day and that 2 cups are more than enough! Here’s a quick list of ideas that can change your coffee routine and give you the ultimate experience of coffee without any sweetener:

  1. Buying better and fresher beans of 100% arabica will change your perspective
  2. Never buy blends that include robusta, this variety simply wants sweetener
  3. Grind the coffee right before brewing instead of buying pre-ground coffee
  4. Give a chance to cold brewing (here’s the recipe)
  5. Do you prefer your coffee warm? You can warm it up after it was cold brewed
  6. If you are having your coffee later during the day when you are not fasting, try some goat cream or even 50ml of goat milk which is totally masking the bitterness
  7. Add a dash of cinnamon! It has the power to sweeten the coffee and bring the aroma to another level.
  8. Wanna make your coffee into a meal? Try our Avgoccino which includes egg yolks or quail eggs and some good butter! Now, this is a real liquid breakfast on the go!

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  1. I’ve made cold brew coffee using primarily Starbucks Guatamala. In my experience, it is actually more bitter. (I know Starbucks isn’t the greatest coffee, but it is pretty good. Because someone I know works there, I get my beans free.)

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