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Cholesterol Fear and How Eggs Can Help You

The fear of cholesterol is all around, especially among Greeks! How did this become the number one health concern? This fear has unfairly removed egg yolks from many plates. The saddest thing about this is that many people don’t give egg yolks to their children. Now, this is a nutritional crime! When we look at the nutrients, an egg is a complete food! It contains proteins of high biological value, vitamins and trace elements. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, B12, folic acid and iron. Eggs are not only nutritious but also quite affordable. Wouldn’t you agree that this is a very important aspect of a healthy approach to nutrition? You might be surprised, but some of the healthiest foods in the world cost less.

In recent years, fellow nutritionists and doctors tried to persuade people that this fear is unsubstantiated.  The British Heart Foundation announced in 2007 that they are cancelling the recommendation to restrict egg consumption to 3 times per week.  This is because many studies show us that consuming eggs does not influence cholesterol production. According to new data, eggs contain low amounts of cholesterol. At the same time, they contain large amounts of vitamins. In particular, an egg contains 13% less cholesterol and 64% more vitamin D than we thought.

Working with clients

During consulting, (You can book a Keto Mediterranean consultation here) many of my clients tell me they are avoiding eggs. Some of them consume only egg whites. “It will raise my cholesterol levels” – they fear. Do you know what will destroy your blood lipids profile? Carbohydrates! And to be precise – the sugar. Cholesterol that we consume from food is not the main factor which raises cholesterol levels in your blood. If you want to blame “somebody”, blame the CARBS!

Carbohydrates turn into fats in the blood, known as triglycerides. If you have high triglycerides, you are definitely consuming a lot of sugar. In fact, our body produces 2000mg of cholesterol daily. If you eat an egg, for example, which contains approximately 200mg of cholesterol, your body will produce less than 2000mg. Chances are it will produce 1800mg. As more external cholesterol we eat, the less we produce. Our organism has the answer.

We need more choline

Recently published studies claim that we do not get enough choline. All the negative aspects of missing choline are here. The best way to increase the intake of choline is to consume egg yolks. Choline uptake is extremely important for women during pregnancy and lactation. An adequate intake of choline from the mother is associated with better learning performance, vision and memory.

Brain loves eggs

Whole egg consumption prevents brain ageing! Now, this is something we should all care about. It improves memory, protects the liver and strengthens sports performance. Especially egg yolks improve vision. By eating two whole eggs every day, you will get half the daily amount of choline that the body needs.

Egg, and I mean whole egg, is your best keto friend!

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