Natural cosmetic

Natural cosmetic from your Keto kitchen – That’s what Cleopatra would have used

Natural cosmetics is an idea I got from our dear Ketonian Debra who suggested it in one of our Live videos. And what an idea it was! We always talk about preparing your food at home, making it from scratch, using only the organic and whole foods. To put it simply, we promote the lifestyle as the ancients would have done… But we keep forgetting that our largest and most protective organ is out skin! Doesn’t it deserve the same treatment as our digestive system?

Keto works as a beautifier, on its own!

It’s reported by many Ketonians that after 6 months of clean Keto their skin, nails, hair and general appearance looks younger and healthier. In fact, nothing is more beautiful than a healthy-looking person. Unfortunately, in today’s world, staying healthy at any age is quite a challenge! Interestingly, some Carnivore followers reported having better resistance to sunrays and not getting sunburns since they started the Zero carb approach to dieting.

It really doesn’t have to stop there!

Skincare and natural cosmetic usage are as old as humanity! Maybe, in the prehistoric era, it wasn’t skincare, but it was ritual makeup that gave birth to the modern cosmetic industry. And boy is it a huge industry! Furthermore, in antiquity, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and other civilisations paid huge attention to treating their skin and hair. Every cosmetic product that humans use today existed in antiquity. The only difference is that almost everything those ancient people used – was edible!

Natural cosmetic

All sorts of natural cosmetic ingredients are hiding in your kitchen

As with the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics is a huge market! And even though you might think you can’t make a cosmetic product to be as effective as the one in the laboratory, the truth is – in most cases, you can! Some of the natural cosmetic products made at home end up being more efficient and safe for people fighting with allergies and skin problems.

Natural cosmetic

Let’s be honest, if something is edible, healthy to ingest, it should also be healthy for the skin! But can it be effective? More than you think! Especially if you use Keto-friendly ingredients because skin loves good fats! A great example of the fatty berry that could be called miraculous elixir for the skin is the Hippophae or sea buckthorn!

The makeup on the eyes of Queen Nefertiti and other kings and queens of ancient Egypt, which made their eyes have that mesmerizing look and beauty, is not just what it seems at first glance. Scientists in France claim that seductive eye makeup may have been used to cure or prevent eye diseases, or as an anti-infection agent.

Edible scrub, toner, milk, mask, cream…

I could write for years about these natural cosmetic products, but I do have to run a freelance illustration business, cook, bake, take photos, manage Greek Goes Keto universe and play some piano in the meantime. ;) For that reason, let’s just go quickly over the best edible Keto ingredients that you can use as a cosmetic product. Notice how I place emphasis on Keto! Ok, you can use oats, rice, honey, sugar and other carby ingredients to treat skin, but why would you? You don’t even have those things in your Ketonian kitchen anymore!

Goat and sheep butter

If you got tired of us preaching about a goat and sheep dairy, well get ready for another dose of it! ;) Goat or sheep butter as a basis for skincare is the richest thing you can offer to your skin! Goat and sheep milk and butter have extraordinary beautifying powers from inside out! They contain a strong source of vitamin A, B, C and D, and various minerals.
The latest researches verify the potential of goat butter and its rich content list including Coenzyme Q10 and MCT. Both goat and sheep kinds of butter melt at 37°C (body temperature). They get quickly absorbed by the skin. This way, goat and sheep butter support the consumption of high-quality active elements. Just use it as a moisturiser or a base for a scrub by adding sea salt, cinnamon or ground coffee to it.


Olive oil and herbs

Olive oil is the most used cosmetic base oil since antiquity. On its own, it works miracles to remove makeup and for moisturising the skin after the bath. But if you add some goat milk and sparkling mineral water and shake well, you will get yourself an ideal toner.

By mixing olive oil with egg yolk you will make an ideal mask for face and hair. If you want to treat sunburn or any other skin problem, ideally you will infuse some medicinal herbs and spices in your olive oil and use it as a natural remedy.

For example, a plant known as Kantarion (St John’s-wort) is infused for 2 weeks in olive oil in a dark place. The oil will end up nicely red in colour and it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and epithelializing properties. It will heal wounds faster, reduce scars and you can treat first degree burns. You can make rosemary, lavender and peppermint infused oil by using the same technique.

Lard, tallow, goat fat, duck fat, fish oil…

Natural cosmetic

Maybe sounds unusual, but these animal fats are extremely good for the skin. With antibacterial and antifungal properites they will work miracles. An old remedy of my people calls for cooking flowers of Calendula officinalis in lard and then straining this product through a cheesecloth. It really works miracles for broken skin on heels, fingers or for treating blemishes or wound scars. You can use them on their own or as a base for a skin moisturizer or a scrub with some aromatic oils or herbs because they don’t quite smell nice on their own.

No industrial body butter will feed your dry skin or hair as tallow mixed with coconut oil and lavender oil. Fish oil can be utilised as a great ingredient for hair mask when mixed with an egg, even better a quail egg. If you don’t have time, just use some of the homemade quail egg mayonaisse as a hair mask.

Coconut milk and oil

There are millions of ideas to utilise mighty coconut oil for skin care and natural remedies. By just mixing it with baking soda you got yourself a perfect toothpaste which you can infuse with a few drops of peppermint oil. It’s also ideal for shaving (both men and women) because it will immediately prevent the irritation and skin burns. You can add some coconut milk to heated coconut oil and use this as ideal skin cleaning milk.

Perfect quick lipstick with Keto ingredients

My natural lip-balm right after application

When I was making our anti-inflammatory fat bombs, I realised that raw cacao powder leaves a nice hue and texture on my fingers when mixed with cacao butter and goat butter. Since I know that cacao butter is extremely good for the lips I wanted to experiment. I used just half a teaspoon of goat butter, added the same amount of cacao butter and melted it over low temperature. I literally used a candle and a tablespoon to melt these ingredients. Then I added half a teaspoon of raw cacao and the same amount of ground saffron (dark red variety). I mixed it well in a small cup. Then I placed this in the refrigerator and in 15 minutes I tried it out! The result is amazing! (see the photo) I got myself moist and soft lips for hours! The colour did fade a bit later, but you can always reapply!

Let’s live the rest of the wisdom for another article

The natural cosmetics should have a whole category at For this reason, I will end this article here with the hope some of you will give a try to natural, homemade cosmetics. Because a KMD follower, or a Ketonian, is much more than just another person avoiding carbs ;) It’s all about healing lifestyle and wisdom of ancient Mediterraneans!

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