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Sugarless Amazons – Our new video chat adventure

Sugarless Amazons, what a name, ha? Well, we believe it resonates with the philosophy of Greek Goes Keto! As you might know, we are very much Ancient Greek-inspired and we both are a bit history geeks. For this reason, my new series of video chats that’ll be published on YouTube will be called Sugarless Amazons.

This series will talk to each of you ladies that hides an Amazon warrior somewhere inside. I am planning to invite numerous interesting and inspiring guests from all over the globe. At first, I was planning to invite predominantly ladies, but then I decided to invite men as well. Those men who dedicate their professional skills to woman’s health, wellness or fitness. Oh, the excitement! I already have 4 guests who confirmed their participation and can’t wait to share with you who they are! 😉

Healthy and fit at any age?

The main goal of these video chats will be to inspire and motivate ladies from around the globe so they can achieve rejuvenation through lifestyle changes! Furthermore, we’ll show that age can be just a number if you are determined enough! Anyone can start and reach their ideal wellness, fitness and mental strength. As a woman, I have been asked on so many occasions about the rejuvenating powers of the Keto Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. All I can say is – it simply works!

Moreover, Apollonas (my husband, the nutritional therapist and founder of Greek Goes Keto) often shares with me the success stories from his female clients. These ladies feel like they are back in their 20ties all over again! After years of struggling with obstacles to their physical or mental health, they all report enormous improvement. These ladies were my true inspiration to start the Sugarless Amazons project!

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I thought that it will be best to start this series on the existing Greek Goes Keto YouTube channel. Why start a whole new channel when you can also check out our other videos, recipes, reportages… If you would like to get a notification whenever a new Sugarless Amazons video will be published, all you need to do is subscribe to the Greek Goes Keto channel. You’ll get notified each time I publish something new!

Sugarless Amazons – a new freedom

Yes, it’s true, there’s no healing unless you accept the battle on 3 different fronts. Mentally, physically and spiritually. But can it be done with enjoyment? I’ll do my best to bring you the most inspiring guests with their unique stories so you will be able to decide for yourself. And we will go 100% international. From all around this planet – we’ll be exploring possibilities of getting stronger beyond conventional thinking. Why? Because we are all Amazon warriors, we just need to discover it!

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