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Pastitsio with almost no carbs

Pastitsio, Keto version that looked more like a pie, was published a bit more than two years ago. Well, it was just an attempt to bring back the flavour of original Pastitsio. Unfortunately, the texture of thick spaghetti was simply impossible on Keto. But, with the discovery of egg tagliatelle, a Pastitsio with almost no…

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10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes everyone will love

10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes in one article! This came as a request from our Instagram page follower and we decided to make it happen! Yes, people sometimes don’t have the time or will to search through the specific section of our page. Well, we decided to help them here! 😉 Keto Mediterranean diet became…

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Isolation, Quaranteen, Coronavirus, fear – How Greek Goes Keto can help?

Isolation is one of the most difficult challenges human psychology has to endure. It has been used as the scariest punishment measure in jails around the globe for centuries. However, we are living in a dystopian movie scenario called Coronavirus pandemic and we need to find a way to stay mentally healthy! Quarantine, fear of…

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Keto shrimp chowder with the Mediterranean twist

Keto shrimp chowder in the kitchen of Greek Goes Keto will be different from standard chowders that are widely available online. Oh yeah, we tent do make all our creamy soups with yolks and this is one of the main reasons our creamy soups end up so nutritious. It all started with the ever-mighty Avgolemono…

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Keto Mediterranean diet and 4 reasons why it’s better than standard Keto

Keto Mediterranean diet (KMD) is not a diet but a specific lifestyle. How does this sound? As if you heard it one million times and still it’s not that clear to many Ketonians. Maybe you have heard, we are preparing our first Keto Mediterranean retreat this summer in Greece, and we thought it would be…

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Keto Mediterranean Retreat in Greece postponed for June 19th-26th of 2021

Dear Ketonians, due to high demand, we would need you to send us a request to [email protected] if you would like to join the retreat in June 2021! At this point, 2 more spots are available! Keto Mediterranean retreat is like a dream come true!!! Imagine 7 days of pure bliss surrounded by untouched nature…


Keto snowballs of fire or white truffles for the finest foodies of Ketonia

Keto snowballs of fire sound like the biggest oxymoron on the planet. We should call the Keto truffles, but they are so much more than that… Well, can something look like a snowball but pack so much energy? Followed by seductive flavour, nutrients, and the explosion of emotions? Ohh, trust me it can and this…

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Soft and light Keto cake for the lovers of delicate treats

Soft and light is a term that is not present among Keto cakes that often. Naturally, if a cake falls into the Keto category, it’s difficult to make it soft and light with all that fat! However, if you add just a bit of bubbly sparkling mineral water, some orange zest and spices, you will…

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Pine nuts are totally Keto – Protein boost from the ancient forest

Mediterranean people have been using Pine nuts in cooking and medicine preparation. Numerous recipes for healthy salads, sauces, side dishes feature these mysterious nuts that are actually seeds.