The Revolution of Health in Mostar

As you might have noticed, Greek Goes Keto is organising a public event that can be described as – KETO FESTIVAL – in the city of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This international project of VEDRINA association with the general sponsorship of Sarajevski kiseljak, in cooperation with GREEK GOES KETO, is something that we have been preparing for a long period of time. Since we had great responses to the public lectures and promotions so far, we have decided to organize a unique event with the accompanying program. On this occasion, we will promote our healthy Keto Mediterranean lifestyle in the Croatian House of Duke Stjepan Kosača. The event will be held on December 8th. We have designed it as a multidisciplinary program with international participation.

Revolucija zdravlja

Nutritionist lecture

Greek Goes Keto founder Apollonas Georgios Kapsalis, who works professionally both in Mostar and Athens, will hold an extremely popular lecture on Keto and Low-Carb approach to nutrition. This time, the lecture will be based on the development of healthier habits during the winter holidays. Furthermore, he will talk about the preparation of sugar-free sweets, the use of healthy organic products, and the general improvement of health through changing the nutrition and lifestyle. The emphasis will be placed on the nutrition of athletes, children, certain conditions and diseases that affect modern humans. From autoimmune diseases, through diabetes and obesity. The lecture will be presented on the easy and understandable way with lots of fun and practical examples.

The lecture will accompany the presentation of the Recipe booklet with the carbonated natural mineral water Kiseljak written and designed by Apollonas G. Kapsalis

More speakers and lectures

•••A short lecture will be held by Lidija Ereš, the Master Coach Hard body workout system, a successful sports activist and a dance instructor operating in Ljubuški and Medjugorje.

•••Antonio P. Choiureas – (Coach Tony) from Canada will join us to introduce visitors to the strength training and the special powerlifting program.

••• The event will also feature the award-winning documentary The Magic Pill, which tracks the healing of several people and children who are cured by nutrition change.

••• The co-author of world popular book LORE OF NUTRITION, journalist Marika Sboros from Johannesburg will also be addressing the visitors.

••• The event will have its own entertainment section where visitors will have a unique opportunity to watch Mini-comedy “Hercegovac na dijeti” performed by highly talented actor Ivana Skoko.

Exhibitors and event sponsors

Co-organizer: Croat House of Duke Stjepan Kosača

General Sponsor: Sarajevski kiseljak

Sponsors: Ledo, Milkos, Vicko, Arena Sports Centre, Elit Nutrition Mostar

Project friends: Diskont Planinić, Elit Nutrition, TP Radić, Bio Aronija Sakić, Kraš

The project was supported by: Herzegovina Neretva County Health Insurance Institute

Media Sponsors:,

Health revolution

Health Food Bazaar

In addition to informal gatherings, tasting of healthy foods and desserts, the event will also include a BAZAAR for the promotion and sales of healthy Keto products from our sponsors! Visitors will be able to taste sweets and pastry without sugar, grains/gluten/starch. Everything will be prepared with keto friendly flours, nuts, berries, vegetables and fish, as well as with other products from our sponsors. Visitors will be able to taste cured meat products without additives and artificial flavour enhancers, natural, quality dairy products, organic ingredients for delicacy preparation, stevia sweetener, various superfoods and Keto friendly flours. We particularly emphasise the best quality olive oil and olives from Greece! As you might know, this country has the longest tradition of olive oil production. The oil from Peloponnese even has a medicinal property.


All Greek Goes Keto fans and followers will be able to watch the lectures and program via our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. You can check the time in your timezone by comparing Central European Time which is UTC+1 to your area time zone here.

Don’t forget, Greek Goes Keto is a project that loves to interact. If you have a question that you would like to be answered by Apollonas Kapsalis during the Live streaming, send us a message and we will try to incorporate it in the lecture!

Let’s heal the world together with Keto Mediterranean approach!

Health Revolution

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