Perfect Ketonian

A perfect Ketonian guide to NOT CHEATING EVER

A perfect Ketonian is a person that never cheats! Let’s be honest, what’s cheating, who are you cheating on? Yourself perhaps? Obviously, you switched to the ketogenic way of living for a good reason. Cheating is a sign of weakness and leads to other psychological effects. By cheating, you are destroying your relationship with your self-esteem. You are letting your sugar addiction rule your life, health and your ability to make a decision. Especially if you do it because friends made you do it! Who can make you do it? In the end, you are the one grabbing that unhealthy “thing” and bringing it to your mouth! You will not blame your friends after the consequences kick in – we all blame ourselves!

Not missing anything on Keto

If you are not new to Greek Goes Keto, then you know that we ketonised just about anything! Well, there are many great dishes and desserts, Greek or international that can still be ketonised. But based on our experience, you can ketonise just about anything that “carby” world has to offer. This way you’ll develop 3 awesome new habits that will bring you:

  1. Cooking at home from scratch (benefit from the relaxing effect of cooking) 
  2. Making only organic, healthy and empowering meals and treats (for yourself and the ones you love)
  3. Have those Eureka moments when you develop a new Keto recipe (start your own blog, YouTube Channel or social media page)

But what if I am all day out and can’t prepare meals at home?

To be a perfect Ketonian doesn’t mean you’ll cook at home every day and never travel. On the contrary, here at Greek Goes Keto we promote travelling and spending time outdoors as much as you can! Of course, in many cases, you can make Keto meals at home and just bring them with you. However, sometimes you’ll have to eat out and fuel yourself with Keto-friendly and healthy foods. How to do it? First, here are some of our Keto recipes you can make at home and bring with you:

  1. Quick Keto pretzels – ideal food for the road
  2. Keto Pita Bread – Time and Space Traveller
  3. Keto mini bread pastry – healthy bites from the south
  4. Prosciutto and Feta – Keto Mediterranean love story
  5. Goat feta, eggplant and zucchini – Healthy Keto bites
  6. Keto Izljevača
  7. Keto Balkan Pogacha – A modern tribute to ancient myth
  8. Keto Spanakopita – The quick version
  9. Keto Tiropita – For All the Lovers of Greek Cheese Pie

What if I did not know I’ll spend a whole day out, so I did not prepare?

This happens all the time. It’s actually more common than those planned trips. Now, based on the part of the world you live in, Keto-friendly foods can be found and bought for on-the-road in just about any supermarket. Furthermore, you can organise a meal in a restaurant that will be 100% Keto and that might even end up being extremely delicious. That is, of course, if you ask the waiters kindly to modify the standard offer. Let’s first see the list of some foods you can purchase for the road trip and fuel yourself on those long kilometres or miles you spend in the car, bus, train…

  1. Aged cheese – preferably goat or sheep cheese (this will make sure the content of lactose is next to none)
  2. Smoked bacon, pancetta, prosciutto, smoked sausage, smoked salmon (Make sure the producer doesn’t include that much additives. Smoked varieties will allow you to consume them raw and they always come in practical packaging)
  3. Avocados (So easy to eat out, and you can always purchase a plastic spoon to help you stay clean)
  4. A small jar of pickled olives (You can purchase a small package of toothpicks and enjoy olives on the go)
  5. Nuts and seeds – you already know that you must not overeat nuts – luckily they come in those small packages that cover one portion. Make sure they contain nothing but salt from additives.
  6. Pickles – if they don’t contain added sugar, you can even drink the water from the jar they come in and boost your electrolytes. Furthermore, there are always small jars that will perfectly cover your portion.
  7. Ready salads with no added dressing – why not? If it’s just fresh cut and then packed vegetables – all you need to do is add some smoked salmon and avocado, maybe some grated parmesan cheese and you got yourself a perfect Keto salad on the go. These salads often come in a plastic bowl with a fork! Really convenient! 
  8. Sparkling mineral water – this will not only help you stay hydrated, but it also will give you a good boost in minerals which you really need when on the road!
  9. Small packages of butter – you know those small cubes they usually serve in hotels for breakfast? Well, they are also sold in supermarkets. You can purchase a few and add them to your coffee-to-go!
  10. Coconut chips, kale chips and other dehydrated Keto-friendly fruits and vegetables can be eaten easily on the go!

Ordering or Ketonising dishes in restaurants

The main reasons we go to the restaurants is to enjoy food prepared by trained professionals. Did you know, a chef’s biggest test is the steak preparation. They master it to the unbelievable level. You can never go wrong with ordering a steak with butter. Grilled vegetables or a salad with olive oil could also fall into Keto category! Well, just about any meat from the grill is safe, as long as they don’t use vegetable oils in preparation. Ask for dry grilling and then add olive oil or butter yourself.

Furthermore, if you happen to eat in fish restaurants, you can order just about any fish from the grill, calamari, octopus or seashells. Of course, to make sure you have your Keto macros in place, order extra butter and olive oil. On the other side, if you are eating early and just want breakfast, whether it is a diner or even just a quick snack bar, an omelette is your friend! You can even order sunny-side up or poached eggs and then just add some bacon or cheese.

Keto Mediterranean Omelette

Bonus – Making your own Keto dessert on the go

Oh, believe me, you will thank me for this idea 😉 So, imagine, you just had a Keto meal and you would like a taste of Keto dessert in the end. Just purchase a small package of sour cream. Then reach into your handbag or your pocket and bring out your stevia. Most of us carry it in those travel-friendly micro packages. Add it to the sour cream and mix. If it’s a spring season, like it is now, most of the stores will have some strawberries or other berries. Purchase a small amount. Dip them into your Stevia-sweetened sour cream and enjoy Keto dessert wherever you are. I would recommend finding a park or a spot for a picnic and make a small break during your busy day on the go! This will bring Keto living on a totally new level.

Remember, stay Ketonised to the full potential – that’s the only way Keto really works!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m new to Keto and I found this very informative and motivating. 🙂

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