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Keto coconut

Keto Coconut Renaissance

Keto Coconut Revolution these days grew into Keto Coconut Renaissance. As we know, coconut is one of most utilised fruits on the Keto diet and many people enjoy it equally in savoury dishes and dessert. After all, coconut flour is used for pancakes, bread and even pizza crust. This pleasurable fruit/nut […]

Keto Orange Pie

Keto orange pie – an artistic foodie project

Keto orange pie with no orange juice or pulp is our next fun project! Yes, you’ll enjoy creating this piece of art as much as you’ll enjoy eating it afterwards. Not only you, this brave “little” Keto orange cake (well, not so little) will impress just about anyone. Keto, Low-Carb, […]

Keto Cappuccino

Keto Cappuccino Muffins – when you want a quick fix

Keto Cappuccino, or just about any Keto coffee is a trendy subject among Ketonians. There are so many recipes and it’s quite easy to get confused. From Bulletproof coffee to one million versions of cream and butter infused coffees. Personally, I like it black and cold brewed. This would be […]

Keto Chocolate Souvlaki – Funky Greek Sticks

Chocolate Souvlaki would sound quite shocking to Greeks. In fact, if I mentioned it to any of my friends they would laugh or make a confused facial expression. But don’t worry, I did not cover the meat with chocolate sauce, I just took an inspiration from the most famous Greek street […]

Keto Mille-feuille

Keto Mille-feuille – When the French culture conquered Greece

Keto Mille-feuille sounds like mission impossible to anybody who’s familiar with this famous French delicacy. How in the world can we make that weightless, thin, puff pastry without wheat flour? Well, as with all my ketonisations, Keto Mille-feuille had to mature in my mind. Somewhere deep in the Modern Greek […]

Keto Tahini

Keto Tahini bites – Oriental fat-bombs

Keto Tahini fat-bombs are a born out the admiration for the mighty Tahini paste. This is an oriental delicacy, a paste made from smashed sesame seeds with the addition of sesame oil. In some cases, it’s made with olive oil. This paste is extremely versatile! It has various purposes and can […]

Integral Keto bread

Integral Keto bread – for the lovers of vintage style

Integral keto bread that my wife and I baked recently was a huge hit among our friends! We prepared our Homemade cream cheese and some Cretan Dakos topping. Then we thought, let’s play with the bread. Why don’t we make a crunchy, old-fashioned, rustic bread to go with all of […]

Keto Soufflé with Mediterranean vegetables

Keto Soufflé is another project of traditional European dishes ketonisation, with a Mediterranean twist. Of course, Soufflé comes from France and can serve as a great base for ketonisation. We already know that in France, butter plays a major role in cooking! We just love butter. What we don’t like […]

Keto Mediterranean

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle- Greek villager’s omelette

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle could be the best answer to all the contemporary diseases of humanity. Not only that people in this area live longer and happier, they also prefer organic, homemade and rustic cooking. In fact, the tradition of slow cooking did not change much, not even in the 21st […]

Keto waffles

Keto waffles – savoury edition with Kajmak or Staka

Keto waffles can be prepared in various ways and most of the recipes always lean to the sweet side. However, in the south-east of Europe, we don’t combine savoury and sweet taste that often. This is why I wanted to present this delicious version of savoury Keto waffles! We used […]