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Keto Papoutsakia – Greek version of stuffed eggplant

Papoutsakia or Greek stuffed eggplants is a well-known dish of every Greek childhood. The name itself is attractive to kids. It means small shoes. The tradition of stuffing vegetables in Greece is long and you’ll be surprised with the number of different recipes. Everything that can be stuffed, we stuff! […]


Glamoutsa Cake – Because you requested it!

Glamoutsa cake! Have you ever heard about it? No? Me neither! Did you try googling it? I am joking, of course, I heard about it. In fact, let me tell you a secret – I invented it! It all started on a hot and sunny day in the oldest neighbourhood […]

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek feast, A low-carb event

Ancient Greek gastronomy is a subject that has been studied over and over by various scientists. Anthropologists and archaeologists, in particular, wanted to learn more about our ancestors by exploring their culinary habits. However, the history of ancient Greek gastronomy occupies the equal attention of nutritionists and modern gourmet experts. According […]

Greek Avgolemono

Greek Avgolemono soup – Keto Foodie treat

Greek Avgolemono soup is the most famous and glorious Greek soup of them all. Tourists love it, Hellenophilles adore it, and anybody who just enjoys our food in numerous Greek restaurants around the globe. It’s creamy, delicious, sour, sweet and savoury at the same time. I have been asked many times […]

Keto Tiganites

Keto Tiganites or Fritule – Mediterranean mini doughnuts

Keto Tiganites or even Lukumades could sound like another impossible task to anybody who knows Greek way of cooking! Flour, and then some more wheat flour! Right? Well, not quite right! To us, Keto Greeks, this is a challenge! Tiganites are almost ancient dessert which has been aromatising the kitchens […]

Goat butter

Goat butter fatbombs – Anti-inflammatory treat

Goat butter is a true gem among dairy products! All the benefits of goat milk are highly concentrated in the rich, creamy and tasty butter. Yes, goat butter is the best butter you can afford today! It’s much healthier and easier to digest than cow’s butter. In modern times, cows are tapped […]

Quail eggs

Quail eggs Keto Mayonnaise – Ancient, modern medicine

Quail eggs came to Europe from East Asia. These small and unusually looking eggs are much more than just a type of food. In fact, they are a natural remedy for various diseases and conditions. In ancient times, noble Greeks and Romans ate much more Quail than hen eggs. Also, roasted […]

Keto coconut

Keto Coconut Renaissance

Keto Coconut Revolution these days grew into Keto Coconut Renaissance. As we know, coconut is one of most utilised fruits on the Keto diet and many people enjoy it equally in savoury dishes and dessert. After all, coconut flour is used for pancakes, bread and even pizza crust. This pleasurable fruit/nut […]

Keto Orange Pie

Keto orange pie – an artistic foodie project

Keto orange pie with no orange juice or pulp is our next fun project! Yes, you’ll enjoy creating this piece of art as much as you’ll enjoy eating it afterwards. Not only you, this brave “little” Keto orange cake (well, not so little) will impress just about anyone. Keto, Low-Carb, […]

Keto Cappuccino

Keto Cappuccino Muffins – when you want a quick fix

Keto Cappuccino, or just about any Keto coffee is a trendy subject among Ketonians. There are so many recipes and it’s quite easy to get confused. From Bulletproof coffee to one million versions of cream and butter infused coffees. Personally, I like it black and cold brewed. This would be […]