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Keto brownies

Keto brownies with fresh mint – intensity of health

Keto brownies could be the most present Keto dessert around the world wide web. You’ll find so many easy and quick recipes and standard brownie alternations. However, chocolate and mint combination is rarely present. Even though it has been celebrated through the famous after-eight dessert all around the globe. They […]

Keto coffee dessert

Keto coffee dessert – when sudden guests arrive

Keto coffee dessert is something I created with the Greek hospitality in mind. In my country, or in any other country where Greeks live, you cannot come to their home without being bombed with food offerings. Eat, drink and talk a lot! If you have some Greek friends, and if […]

Dark berries

Dark berries in Keto cake – A fairytale from the black forest

Dark berries are one of the invaluable gifts of nature.  Interestingly, the ancient Greeks knew the value of berries, especially blackberries, which usually grow in the Mediterranean zone. In modern times, here in Greece, people forgot about them. Recently, I’ve been visiting family in the Greek countryside and saw bushes of […]

Keto seafood

For the love of Keto seafood – Greek shrimp Saganaki stew

Keto seafood dishes could sit at the top of the pyramid of healthy Keto choices. Especially in Greece. Not only healthy, Keto seafood is the choice of gourmet experts and people who know how to enjoy the fruits of Poseidon’s kingdom. If you visit Greece, or even a Greek restaurant in your […]

Keto Éclair

Keto Éclair – It’s all French to me

How about Keto Éclair? Would it even be possible? Nothing has influenced modern Greek patisseries as French delicacies that come in a form of choux dough. form Profiterole to Mille-feuille. I already wrote about the influence of French culture on modern Greek society which started sometimes in the 60-ties. From movies, fashion, music […]

Quick Keto

Quick Keto red currant cheesecake

Quick Keto recipes are not my thing and I never believe that good results come without some extra effort. I always prefer to promote a good oldfashioned way of Mediterranean living and food preparation. However, it’s summer and it’s just about to get even hotter here in Greece. When the […]

Keto tomato

Keto tomato patty from Santorini – Tomatokeftedes

Keto tomato patties are my old passion and a new brave project! They originate in one of the most mysterious islands, not only in Greece but in the whole world. Even if there’s somebody on this earth that haven’t heard anything about Greece, they know about  Santorini. Santorini, the tomato saga […]

Prosciutto and Feta

Prosciutto and Feta – Keto Mediterranean love story

If Prosciutto and Feta cheese dated, this would be the most excentric Mediterranean relationship. Each of them would scream, shout and fight for the domination. Something like in the old Greek movie Never on Sunday, where the main character, a Greek woman (played by legendary Melina Mercouri) is having an affair […]

Energy on Keto

Energy on Keto diet – The mystery of proper utilisation

“How’s your Energy on Keto?” I hear this question way too many times. In fact, energy on Keto diet brought a lot of attention and raised some controversial debates. The utilisation of energy throughout the ketogenic diet is a wide and deep subject. Nevertheless, I would like to dive into […]