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Dear giagia – I made my own Rizogalo! (Keto rice pudding)

Rice on milk or Keto Rizogalo – How does this sound to you? I know, impossible and undoable! However, as a Greek, I remember this comforting pudding throughout my childhood. Each giagia in Greece takes pride in preparing this pudding for her grandchildren. The same tradition was followed by my grandmother. You simply cannot […]

Keto walnut cookies – from the land across the shiny sea

Keto walnut cookies will be one of those recipes you’ll love and prepare often. As quick as it gets, yet as aromatic and delicious. You might wonder where did I borrow the phrase “the land across the shiny sea“… Well, I would recommend you listening to this awesome song by […]

Keto Gummies

Keto Gummies – ditching the industrial and making them at home

Keto Gummies have grabbed my attention recently when one of my social media followers posted a “Halleluiah” moment of her life! She discovered industrial gummy bears with no added sugar (you can guess the producer). How awesome, right?! Well, not quite. Whenever something like this happens, I immediately activate the […]

Keto avocado

Keto avocado salad with Cretan spirit

Keto avocado salad doesn’t sound very Mediterranean, does it? However, did you know that avocados grow on our biggest island? Am I talking about the mysterious island of Crete! Now, I think I’ve pointed it out so many times, the Cretan cuisine is unique and extremely rich in healthy ingredients. […]

Fat adapted training – Basic exercise energy systems

The 3 basic energy systems  Fat adapted training is a totally different approach to energy utilisation, both for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In this post, I wanted to talk a bit more about basic exercise energy systems. In fact, there are three different energy systems in which ATP (Adenosine […]

Keto Veal stew – From the heart of Europe

Veal is not a typical kind of meat you’ll find in traditional Greek cuisine. However, this extremely nutritious meat in modern times became a delicacy in Europe. Naturally, it became popular in Greece too! Especially for stews and gourmet variations of famous Greek Stifado. Dishes made with this meat are […]

Keto cinnamon

Keto cinnamon truffles – with the magic number 12

Keto cinnamon truffles could be the fastest dessert you’ll ever prepare. The ease of assembling and beauty of interlaced aromas will lift them high up on your keto dessert list. Well, you can call them cinnamon fat bombs because, simply, this is what they are! I’ll make sure they are loaded […]

Mediterranean pot

Mediterranean pot with ancient goodness – Laurel legend

Mediterranean pot is always set up on low fire while some mystical aromas are spreading all over the home. Typically, vegetables, spices, meat, oils and above all laurel or bay leaves are used. In fact, the bay leaves could be one of the most mysterious spices with interesting history and […]

Keto Greek

Keto Greek Soul’n’Mind – Presenting Scott Kilmer

Keto Greek adventure started almost a year ago. Every time I receive feedback from my social media friends and followers I get motivated to continue this project with all the passion and determination. I started this blog for all of you who want to improve your lives. For those who […]