Mostar Carnivore retreat, blissful days and so much fun

Mostar Carnivore retreat turned out better than we could have hoped for. With the energy and vibe among participants and our remote rural location, we couldn’t feel better! For those of you who did not manage to come, all we can say is you missed one of the most memorable events we have ever organised. But worry not, as you know, we organise retreats every year. In fact, you can already book our next retreat spot.

Spending seven wonderful days together with our special guest dr Shawn Baker and his family was the blessing sent by the Olympian Gods to us! And we don’t joke when we say that! Well, we call it a Carnivore retreat, but there was some space for any Low-Carber, Ketonian or Ketovore who also visited during the retreat. We simply couldn’t have processed food, carbs, sugar or starch!

Mostar Carnivore retreat idea

It all started as a spin-off of our annual Keto Mediterranean retreats in Greece. When we realised that Dr Baker is planning to be in Europe at the end of summer, we had to do something. It was too early for him to join us during our Greek Mediterranean retreat, so we organised another event in Mostar, Herzegovina. Even though we did not have enough time, it all went perfectly smooth! When a couple of participants notified us that they will not be able to travel, we booked a smaller villa and it all turned out into a small group. However, our Carnivore retreat did not feel small at all. It did not make it any less interesting!

What did we eat, where did we go?

Of course, we cooked at the villa! In fact, we recorded two of our carnivore cooking for the whole family sessions and Dr Baker posted them on his Youtube channel. We’ll share the videos with you because we believe creativity in the kitchen should not stop once you go Keto or Carnivore!

But we also ate out during the Carnivore retreat in Herzegovina! In fact, we visited a couple of the best Herzegovinian restaurants including Vrelo Borak in Široki Brijeg and Herceg Ethno Selo in Međugorje. We visited nature parks, monuments, museums, waterfalls and archaeological sites… Our retreats bring a lot of new friendships, bonding and exchange of experiences. But above all, we love the international cultural exchange that feels like you are travelling to those countries when you talk to the participants. From Jamaica, USA, UK, Greece and France to the very humble but beautiful Herzegovina! And this will not stop here! We’ll be growing our community, our Greek Goes Keto universe!

The future of Greek Goes Keto retreats

Our Carnivore retreat was the boosting point! We are determined now more than ever and we already have the dates for our next retreat in Greece. If you are not sure how to apply, get in touch, send us an email or write a comment below and we’ll give our best to provide you with all the information you need. As always, spots are limited, so make sure you act now before all the spots are taken!

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