Microwave on Keto – should you think twice?

Microwave domination

Every time we think about the modernisation of cooking, microwave oven pops up as a controversial subject. If you chose Keto as your new lifestyle, then you most probably care about your health more than average people do. Living and cooking in the kingdom of low carbs can be challenging. Especially nowadays when everything has to be quick, instant and easy. One of those life-hacks in almost every kitchen is the little oven that counts the preparation time in seconds. Sometimes a microwave oven is convenient, fast, futuristic and handy. But… Ther should be a big BUT here!

It’s simply something that healthy Keto philosophy does not support!

Microwaves in theory

Microvawe oven is very far from the natural concept of food preparation. Food is being radiated while the water molecules are exposed to very high frequencies which results in their rapid movement. This is why the microwave heats up the food unnaturally and quickly. Regardless of ease of use, we must remember that such food processing is extremely unsafe, or shall I say – harmful!

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, such as light waves or radio waves. They occupy part of the electromagnetic spectrum of power or energy. These waves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy which are travelling at the speed of light (299,79 kilometres per second). In our contemporary technological era, microwaves are used for remote transmission of telephone signals, television programs and computer information across the Earth, or to the satellites in our orbit. However, the microwaves are best known as a source of energy for cooking food.

Execution of nutrients

Every microwave oven has a magnetron, a tube in which electrons operate on a magnetic and electric field to produce a microwave radius of approximately 2450 MHz or 2.45 GHz. This microwave radiation influences the molecules in the food. All wave energy changes the polarity from positive to negative, with each wave cycle. In microwaves, polarity changes occur million times in every second.

Food molecules, especially water molecules – have a positive and negative charge. Just as the magnet has the north and south polarity. Simply put, the microwave oven destroys and changes the molecular composition of the food through the radiation process. If manufacturers would call them “radiating ovens,” it is questionable whether they would ever sell any, but that is exactly what the microwave ovens are.

Broccoli in a microwave loses 97% antioxidants

A study published in The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture confirmed that the broccoli, which had been cooked in a microwave oven, lost as much as 97% of antioxidants, while traditional cooking reduced the antioxidants for 11%. Another study by Scandinavian scientists has confirmed that asparagus cooked in a microwave oven has significantly less vitamin C compared to those classically prepared.

Many online recipes, especially on the ketogenic diet, are recommending microwave ovens. It is really convenient to melt your mozzarella and make a fat head dough for example. Is it worth to make preparation quicker when it comes to our health?

Keto cooking is fun

Enjoy any moment of food preparation and be creative. We should not think of the kitchen as a place for quick food preparation. See it as a laboratory of awesomeness! You will not believe what kind of meals and even desserts could be prepared with Keto macros.

The holy trinity of  health

The kitchen is one of the three ”holy” places where your new body is created. The other two are the gym (or nature if you prefer) and of course the bed. We need to add a personal touch to any meal that we prepare.  Explore the land of spices, herbs and healthy fats that add flavour. Try to use unusual meat or fish for a change, give new wings into your nutritional expertise, become a true Keto chef.  Some of the recipes I have here take less than 15 minutes to prepare! Food is energy – take it in the best form it occurs – as close to natural as possible.


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