Greek goes on a road-trip

There’s nothing like the excitement of homecoming! Your favourite Keto Greek finally went back to his motherland – Greece. Of course, I wanted to make our trip more challenging, so I decided to travel by car through the Balkans. This is quite a long drive even if you stop and rest overnight! My wife and I, both keto freaks, immediately thought of the things we need to pack for this long trip. What shall we eat? How can we make our trip Keto friendly in the areas where the mighty carbs are ruling? We cannot count on buying food on the way. Luckily, if you are on a keto diet, there are plenty of choices. You can count on foods that do not spoil easily and can be consumed instantly. So, we packed some avocados, almonds, a variety of aged cheese and hard-boiled eggs. It took me just a few minutes to go and buy all these nutrient-dense foods at the nearest marketplace. 

Going unhungry for hours…

Passing through three different countries and driving nearly 17 hours from Hercegovina to the Greek border, our keto lifestyle was a saviour. Not because I had the energy to drive for many hours during our Balkan trip, but because we did not feel any discomfort. Of course, you could say someone should fast all these hours and eat a great meal at the finishing point! But if you want to be focused, drive safely and easily, I would recommend eating a keto meal on the road, at least two times per day. When you are fully keto adopted, many things are quite easier. Of course, this applies only if you are travelling with other keto-people. Both my wife and I decided to stay on keto for life! We believe that keto lifestyle brought us to another level of health and cognitive abilities.


You know that awesome feeling when you get inspired, the almighty motivation! It’s another great thing we need when we are on the road. Talking to my wife for several hours while passing through some unbelievable landscapes, I came to a conclusion that the people you are spending the most of your time with, will influence the creation of your future self. 

The time machine

Imagine this… in the chair that you are sitting at this moment, sits a version of you from the present time. There are another three chairs. Two for the past and one for the future. In the first chair, sits a version of you from 10 years ago. In the second chair, a version of you from 5 years ago, and in the last one, you can see yourself 5 years in the future! The people we have relationships with are playing major roles in our lives. They will be setting the foundations for the persons we will become in the future! To grow as a person, you need to be surrounded by people who are kind, positive and prosperous. If you are surrounded by negative people, full of anger and jealousy, you are not only going to remain the same but even become corrupted! 

So, set yourself 5 or 10 years in the past and see if there is a difference between yourself today and yourself in the past. If you feel that you grew as a person – this is called progress. It’s the most positive thing that can happen to you! If you are not satisfied, and you see that some people kept you on the same level – it’s time for a big change!

Nothing came from the comfort zone

Do not be afraid to make some new and different steps. Change the environment! This could be the best thing you can do for your confidence. By tracking the reasons and situations that kept us down we are becoming able to progress. This will have the greatest impact on who you are going to be in that other chair, in the next 5 years! 

Not only will you be thankful to yourself but also to the new people in your life. They will give you new experiences! Helping others grow should be our ultimate goal in life! The strong should help the weak get stronger, this will have a chain impact in the future. How many times did we feel angry, destructive? Do you remember that moment when you thought that the whole universe is against you? How long did it last?

Life always works

Things always get solved. Whatever problem we encounter, somehow it gets resolved. And this happens regardless of our actions. Let me quote a great song by Deacon Blue:

You`ve got three million things to get mad about
Another hundred things to get glad about

I know from experience that some things have to take a hard and rocky way until we reach them! Then how you feel when you achieve that goal? Euphoria! A sensation beyond mortal feelings, something great, something divine!

The Greek philosophy

Now that I’m in Greece, I guess I became more of a Greek philosopher, ha? Well, I can tell you, Keto really makes you think more! Once keto adopted, you will have much more time for philosophical thinking and exploration of the universal subjects. Enjoy your keto life, I will give my best to write some great articles and recipes from the land of best food, history and art!



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