The Bakery Disease and how to fight it?

A bakery is a place where most pleasant childhood memories are made. But, where has the bakery addiction brought us today? In one of my latest lectures, I had the opportunity to talk to parents of young athletes. In this specific lecture, the goal was to educate the parents how to fuel their children properly. The feedback I received was incredible! More than 90% of parents did not know what is good or bad food for their children. Imagine, here we are talking about future professional athletes. Some of them are potential future champions in their specific sports…

Why don’t we have the time?

The major question for me was: “What exactly are you feeding your children with?” The answers were jaw-dropping! Most of the parents, due to excess working hours, do not have time to cook a homemade meal. Children are basing their diet on pizzas, chips, biscuits and other types of candies daily! How could children have access to all these without parental supervision? Of course, the answer is simple, while in the school. The system in all countries is not the same, but it basically lays on the foundation of starchy bakery products even in School cantinas. Children are being able to buy whatever they need in a bakery which will happen to be exactly next to the school. Products loaded with artificial ingredients, margarine, soy lecithin, sugar, and all sorts of additives…

The epidemy of “Bakery disease”

Nowadays, more and more children are starting to develop several conditions or diseases. Allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc… Is this a remarkable concurrence of events? Or is it the lack of proper nutrition, overloaded with highly processed carbohydrate products?

Carbs are raising insulin, insulin is storing fat, and sugar feeds the cancer cells. I think this line has explained everything in brief!

These shops are selling legal poison to our children while their parents are the accomplices in this nutritional crime. The lack time cannot be an excuse once the health problems arise. There is always a way to organise, prepare quick healthy meals at home and most importantly – read the labels. There are still some quite decent products out there that are not loaded in all sorts of sugary poisons and additives.

Cutting the chains of unhealthy food

In this direction, children and especially young athletes will start building their foundations for a future successful career in any sport. Nutrition is the key to bring our body and health to a whole new level, as well as our mind. By having the proper foundations you can build something steady and strong. This is what we want for our children – a successful new way of life. Unfortunately, children do not have the possibility to shop or even cook alone. We need to be there for them and educate them. They need to learn from us how to choose wisely. This will help them grow, both as persons and future parents.

In the bottom line, I would like to mention that parents are the idols for their children. They are their heroes. Children will try to imitate them and make them proud. A child has its parent as an image of themselves in a mirror. Just the image is much bigger. Every action will have a reflection to their behaviour Nutritional habits are the basis of health maintenance, and if we don’t start building them from the childhood, we will face many consequences. This is why we have to begin the revolution by educating the humans of the future, while they are still young enough!

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