Breaking the comfort zone

Comfort zone and how to break out of it?

Comfort zone is a trending subject these days. I will start this article by asking you, what is comfort zone? Is it the continuous need for relaxation and pleasure or maybe we are chasing comfort zones throughout our lives?

From my perspective, comfort is an addiction! Yes, an addiction and a sign of illness of our society. Comfort maybe sometimes is good or even necessary. However, the level of comfort that people desire today is beyond the limits!

A button to fix it all

We, the humans of today, just want to push a button that will fix all our needs and desires. Nobody wants to challenge themselves and bring even a slight discomfort! You might ask yourself, is discomfort necessary? Indeed! It is through the process of discomfort that growth occurs! A great example of this is muscle growth. In order to build muscle, you have to lift some weight and train.

Exercising is not a comfortable thing but to build muscles, you have to reach a certain level of failure. In fact, failure provides growth. People who were capable to learn through their failures were successful later. Specifically, failure is the fuel of success.

So, if you are constantly exercising without feeling the discomfort, which means you are not training hard enough, you will not have muscle growth. Of course, you can train comfortably and have almost no results. Just sit in a bench have your cell phone and surf the internet! An awesome workout… Not quite!

Comfort = No results
Discomfort = Growth = Success

Our society made us soft

There are several reasons why this has happened. Social media, TV, the Internet are only a few of those reasons. We are living in a world where fake success, fake relationships, fake bodies, fake images are all around us. We ended up depending on steroids, silicons and photo filters.

Build muscles

Can we break out of our comfort zone?

I am a utopian and I believe we can change our world. It would be necessary to chase our dreams and to work on their fulfilment. Getting up early in the morning and be excellent in anything you do through the day is the key to success. I am not talking only about making money but also growing as a person. We have to spend time on our dreams because we can make them real. If every time when something goes wrong we quit, then the dream will collapse.

Why do we care about the titles?

People have titles, ranks and designations but do these really matter? The real face of a person is their character, not the title or their fame. This is what defines a great person! You have to have a strong character!

If you really want your dream to happen, you have to fight through the difficulties. Life is cruel and doesn’t forgive weaknesses. You will have to lose your sleep or work through day and night in order to succeed.

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it!

Set goals and make your dream count

Think about it as your last chance! Be as passionate about it as you are about every breath you take.

Life always plays games with us! A lot of people, despite their success or talents, have to pass through difficulties. These moments will define if you are mentally ready to handle them or get stuck on the bottom.

But remember, this moments are uncomfortable. There is nothing comfortable about difficulties. The difficulty will provide you with the necessary growth. The growth will be measurable by the experiences and wisdom you will gain.

The same applies to the training. If you train comfortably you are not going to succeed. You will spend years without progress, without changing your body and most importantly, your mind.

Changes come through difficulties

Nothing compares to hard and sweaty training. Unfortunbately, our brain was designed to hold us back in any non-comfortable situation. The brain cares only for survival and will do whatever it takes to stay calm and comfortable. No heavy duty at all!

The great Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said: You have power over your mind – not outside events.

So, we can not control the events, but our actions will define how well we controlled the whole situation.

Comfort zone escape pod

Who is successful then? Not the “super smart” people but those who make fewer excuses and step out of comfort zone. When we keep making excuses and postpone things for other days – we usually fail! We MUST not be procrastinating anything, set a deadline NOW! Always remember this, indecision is the thief of a great opportunity!

Who you are and what you become depends on how you use your time! Every one of us has what I call the 3 personalities:

  • A person who you really are
  • Or a person you think you are
  • How about a person you would like to be?

A Latin proverb says:


Which translates to deeds, not words! You have to act, not just talk about acting. We have to sweat in order to succeed. Make every detail count. Be precise! What makes you comfortable can ruin you! The uncomfortable will make you grow.

If everything was nice and smooth we would not accomplish anything

You have to be disciplined! Discipline is not a punishment but enlightenment. It’s something which is going to illuminate you and bring you to another level! You have to vibrate at a higher frequency and always strive to become a better human! Don’t compare yourself to others, but compare yourself to you in the past. Are you better now? If not, work on it! We are all able to improve and grow in every segment of our life! Even smallest growth matters!

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